Dhafer Youssef

Dhafer Youssef is a singer, composer and ud player of world renown. He was born in Tunisia into a long line of muezzins: mastering his vocal talent was part of his heritage. Later he developed a secret interest in jazz, listening to his mother’s kitchen radio. Dhafer left Tunisia to start a jazz career in 1990, and has for decades played a major role in the jazz scene in different settings. His wide-ranging interests include avant-garde and world music, and among his many sources of inspiration over the years are electronic music, Indian music and Sufi spiritualism (to name but a few). His energetic stage performances, combined with surprising compositions, makes him one of a kind. As part of the festival, Dhafer makes his debut in the main auditorium of the Concertgebouw with his new project ‘Diwan of Beauty & Odd’.