Trio Qasyon

Trio Qasyon is made up of two Syrian sisters, Jawa and Shaza Manla, and the Syrian percussionist Modar Salameh. The trio plays mainly Turkish and Arabic music: popular, as well as classic and folk, from dirges to dance music. Jawa, the ud player, is one of Syria’s leading musical talents. When she was just thirteen, in the course of a prestigious international competition, she won a scholarship to study with the Lebanese grandmaster Charbel Rohana. Two years later, she won the competition itself. Shaza, Jawa’s younger sister, plays the qanun. In 2015, the sisters found it necessary to flee Syria. While living with her family in an asylum-seekers’ centre in Alkmaar in the Netherlands, Jawa began playing in weekly concerts with Orchestre Partout, an ensemble made up of refugees. Soon the sisters were taking other opportunities to acquaint the Netherlands with Syrian music and culture. They recently toured the country with the renowned Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.