Tribute to Farid Al-Atrash

De Nieuwe Regentes | Den Haag

November 14, 2020 21:00 De Nieuwe Regentes | Den Haag

The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra (AAO) invites Abdelhafid Chakour to perform a special Tribute to Farid Al-Atrash (1910- 1974).

Dubbed the ‘King of the Ud’, Farid Al- Atrash (1910-1974) was renowned for his outstanding playing and pure, passionate voice. His songs were mainly about love, inspiring generations throughout the Arab world, and he managed to interweave long improvisations on the ud with his vocals.

Al-Atrash was also famed as an actor, starring in some 30 Egyptian musical films for which he also wrote and performed the music.

Abdellah Filali grew up with the classics of the Arabic musical tradition. His particular passion for the music of Al-Atrash grew as he engrossed himself in Al-Atrash’s refined transitions from complex instrumental passages on the ud to breathtakingly beautiful vocals.

Together with ud musician Younes Fakhar, Chakour pays a unique tribute to the King of the Ud, accompanied by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra.

14 November
De Nieuwe Regentes | Den Haag