Ud Festival

The Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest organized the first edition of the Ud Festival in 2016. A festival entirely dedicated to the instrument that forms the musical bridge between east and west. The ud once made a long journey from Baghdad to Andalusia, and formed the basis of a musical revolution in the West. Much of this influence is due to the legendary 9th-century musician Ziryab: polymath, innovator, composer, singer and more. He saw how to give the instrument new life, and laid the foundations of a range of musical traditions, including the Arab-Andalusian repertoire. Today, the ud appears in a number of musical genres. In jazz, it comes into its own as an instrument of innovation; in spiritual music we see how the ud reaches deep into the soul; the modern classical repertoire highlights the ud’s distinctive voice, as both a solo and orchestral instrument.

The first (2016) and second edition (2018) of the festival delivered a stunning line-up, with musicians from the Netherlands, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Belgium, Hungary and Iraq. This year, we are looking forward to an innovative sound, fruitful musical cross-pollination, and impassioned audiences. Check out the current line-up for the third edition of the festival through our programme page!

Mohamed Aadroun & Hassan Bakkali (Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest), Yassine Boussaid (Director, Meervaart)